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What is Music Therapy

Music therapy is the informed use of special qualities of music in a relationship with clients to support improvements in health, functioning and wellbeing, as well as to assist personal growth. 


Music Therapy is a professional practice that utilizes music and its elements as an intervention in medical, educational, and everyday environments. Music Therapy is research-based and is used to support people improve their health, functioning and (physical, mental, emotional and social) wellbeing as well as assist personal growth. 


It can be used with people of all ages, individuals, groups, families or communities to optimize their quality of life and improve their physical, social, communicative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health and well-being. Whether it's a child with autism spectrum disorder, an adolescent with a mental health condition, or an older adult living with dementia or recovering from a stroke, Music Therapy can be beneficial for individuals with diverse backgrounds in a fun and engaging way.

Further information can be found at:

Music Therapy Canada

American Music Therapy

Music Therapy can help in the following areas:

  •  stress-release, 

  •  trauma/injury, 

  •  anxiety-reduction, 

  •  communication,

  •  expressive and receptive language, 

  •  social interaction and learning,                

  •  relationships/team-building

  •  self-expression and building confidence,

  •  developing and extending language,

  •  motivate movement and physical coordination (fine motor skills) ,

  •  supporting emotional and spiritual growth,

  •  supporting through times of crisis and change,

  •  helping controlling pain,

  •  helping manage anger,

  •  reduce agitation,

  •  promote memory and intellectual development

Hand Drums

M y   A p p r o a c h


Music therapy is a noninvasive holistic approach. My focus is to meet my clients where they are, identify their natural strengths, and create a structured, predictable, warm and positive environment where they feel safe to express themselves. 

W h a t   H a p p e n s   i n   a   S e s s i o n ?

My Music Therapy sessions are tailored to meet non-musical goals and involve various musical techniques, such as:

  • Music improvisation

  • Receptive music listening

  • Songwriting

  • Lyric discussion

  • Musical performance

  • Music and imagery

I carefully design and plan each session to suit the needs and interests of my clients.

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