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My name is Silvia

I am a certified and registered Music Therapist.  I am also a certified Singing/Music teacher, and I specialise in Voice rehabilitation and healing.

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I have two children and live on the West Island of Montreal, Canada.

Originally from Germany, music has been an important part of my life from a young age. I've sung in various choirs and bands and lead a choir and two close harmony quintets.

I completed my Bachelor of Music in the Netherlands, and dedicated the following 15 years of my career to teaching music, both during and after my studies.

After arriving in New Zealand, I continued teaching and furthered my studies at Victoria University to become a Music Therapist. With experience working in pre-schools, schools, elderly care homes, mental health settings and a woman centre, I'm dedicated to creating meaningful connections in the community through the transformative and healing power of music.

Music teacher sitting at the piano with guitar

My Beliefs

I believe that every individual has a unique gift, regardless of their circumstances or abilities. My work is focused on supporting people overcome challenges to reach their full potential. 

Furthermore, I strongly believe that everyone has their own musical potential, which can be fostered and developed no matter their skill or experience.

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