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Piano Keys

Music Education

Practicing music is like a cross-fit workout for the brain!

Guitar & Piano lessons (beginners level)

I offer instruction in fundamental playing techniques, sight-reading, and playing chords.


​Early Musical Education for Preschoolers

Early exposure to music education has been shown to stimulate brain development and enhance learning abilities. Music can also engage cognitive functions, stimulate speech and language skills, and promote neural activity growth, supporting academic achievement in young children.

I provide group sessions that establish a foundation for musical hearing, rhythmical feeling, and general musical stimulation. Parental involvement is essential in early childhood music education, with parents joining in the music sessions where we clap, dance, sing, and play percussion instruments. Children learn to listen, play, watch, and interact in a playful way.

Participating in a mixed-age group allows older children to develop leadership skills, while younger children learn through observation and listening.

For parents, this program provides a fun, energetic environment that instills a love and understanding of music in their child, as well as teaches valuable life skills such as active listening, socialization, and academic success. A minimum of 4-5 families is required to run the class

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